First Encounter With Reality

by The Regular

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released September 6, 2015


First full length album by desert rock band The Regular.

Download available at any price. CD's available at five dollars.

All music belongs to The Regular. "First Encounter With Reality" was recorded, produced, and released independently in Syracuse, NY, 2015. Instruments, vocals, and lyrics performed and written by Gottfried, except for guest vocals on "All I Want" by Emma Silverstein.

Artwork by Emma Silverstein.



all rights reserved


The Regular Syracuse, New York

The Regular is Vincent "Gottfried".

Live lineup is being finalized.

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Track Name: The Regular
Feels good, nothing like a long drone
Not bad, melting like a snowcone

We could, just try not to take long
Wayward, getting out of line wrong

Red band, nothing like a good time
Stay mad, I’ll still have a good time

Stay cool, nothing bout to blow you
Hey tool, I don’t want to know you

Now I'm with him, now I'm with her
We can all agree, you're the regular
Track Name: Love Anguish Love
Isn't love forever, or do we pick and choose?
Are there ever winners?
I don't want to lose

Don't feel that feeling
Can't you feel that feeling?
Want to feel that feeling
Oh baby, don't feel me
Track Name: And I Feel it Coming Down
I spoke to a stranger yesterday, and he explained to me
If you ever make it to the end, well then you’ll get to see
The guy who’s idea it was to make a life for you and me
I thought that maybe it was a joke but he shook my hand to assure me

I guess that world was all pretend
You never get to see the end
You run in circles before you’re dead
And you’ll feel it coming down

So I spoke to a girl the other day, and she explained to me
Nothing is bringing us apart, no worries baby
I thought that maybe it was a joke but she kissed and I fell you see

She said she’d love me to the end
I’d never feel alone again
But now she don’t want to be my friend
And I feel it coming down
Track Name: All I Want
This all seems too familiar
I’ve been here far too much before
You hold me close but then I
But I hold out for just too long

I’m sure you want me to say
Something so we can move on
But I’m not sure so I’ll wait
(Cause you know how I take too long)
And all I wanted was your love

We’ve been around the block now
A couple thousand times at least
And I thought you were special
All I wanted was you
Track Name: The Wheel
Hey, the wheel